Swooning with heat after a walk to Spring Gardens, for a (back) garden party to celebrate John Byrom's The Care and Conservation of Shared Georgian Gardens (published this month by The WordBank). Intend a swift return home and a spot of horizontality, but should first mention the little gem garnered this morning from The Mother's Treasury, which appeared in 1864, full of moral tales. The one that caught my eye is headed 'Where Is Your Boy?' and the sanctimonious narrator opens with: We saw him last night, in the company of very bad boys, and they each had...' At this point pause and brace yourself. '... each had a cigar; and, now and then, some of them used very profane language.' Much as I imagine Boris and his bad boy cohorts this morning, following yesterday's Brexit Cabinet meeting at Chequers.

A cigar


Today has been pretty quiet in the shop, which is just as well as I'm busy trying to build this website. On the emotional scale, the experience veers from fun to fragile. A couple from New York State took a look at The Poet's Eye, which contains 16 lithographs by John Craxton, an attractive copy under a slightly distressed dustwrapper. In the web building project I am being helped by George Norman, who is bravely tackling techy things like repointing my existing web address (the site disappeared because I left it a day too late to renew the domain name, but at least the frustrations of this experience have given me the impetus to get going with this new project on Squarespace).

Earlier a customer told me that there will soon be direct flights to Edinburgh from China, meaning an influx of Chinese visitors. He bought a book on Robert Louis Stevenson, published by TN Foulis, for £5. 

Talking of RLS, a tour guide asked if I knew anything about something Conan Doyle wrote about skiing near Davos (the guide's home town). I managed to track this down to volume 8 of the Strand magazine. I have some originals of the Strand, but none before 1885 and unfortunately the article appeared in 1894. But I then found the text online and he was well pleased. I had lnown of the RLS connection to Davos, but not Doyle's.